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The Unique by Michel Couvreur 44% 70cl

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While the case could be made for any Michel Couvreur creation being unique in the world of whisky, his single malt, The Unique, is something extra rare. It marries malted and unmalted cereals to produce a rounded flavour that’s one of a kind.

Michel Couvreur has been producing whisky in Burgundy since 1978, and has established himself as the region’s authority on the subject. He takes the finest whiskies from Scotland and ages them to perfection in his secluded barrel caves. With such a limited supply, each bottle he makes is one of the ultimate treasures you can attain in the whisky world.

With an almost vanilla sweetness, this already nuanced whisky takes on the flavours of its oak barrel, and produces a single malt like none other.

The Unique” is obtained from the distillation of wheat and ages for 4 years in wooden barrels. Delicate scents of caramel, spices and vanilla anticipate a slightly sweet and soft taste with pleasant caramelized touches, with a good persistence.

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