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Tesseron Cognac Composition, Non X.O. 40% 700ml

Made solely with the two best “cru” of Cognac, Grande and Petite Champagne (also known as “Fine Champagne”), “Composition” reveals a truly magnificent terroir driven taste profile. Fresh, elegant, suave and aromatic, “Composition” is an artistic visionary work with a natural balance of strength, smoothness and all the attributes you can expect from a Cognac carefully crafted by the Tesseron family house.

Composition is this producer’s first non-XO release, yet even here Tesseron have aimed to make something very special for its level. There is no added colour, it is the older material that brings the depth. It pours a bright, light amber colour, aromatics of spiced autumn fruit, white flowers and fresh plum, while on the palate there is that classic Tesseron texture, and vinous, fruity complexity – guaranteeing the cognac’s sipping credentials. At the bar, we have found the spirit mixes beautifully, adding finesse and lift to a wide range of stirred and shaken drinks. This makes sense, Tesseron told us that they had comprehensively tested the Composition in a number of classic cocktails before the final blend was signed off. It’s an exceptional and versatile example of Cognac at an exciting new price point.

Light amber color. An elegant, generous nose with notes of dried apricot and flowers. The palate is round, fatty, and persistent. Ends with a delicate, spice finish.


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