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MFM 1994

1994 MF Martell IB, 23 Years Single malt whisky (Private Cask by Braeval) 50cl

MF Martell, IB, 23 years, 1994 Single Malt Whisky

Private Cask by Braeval, 50cl

Speyside 50cl
Limited edition. Note that serial number may vary from photo.

This bottle is an IB



SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY distilled in Braeval distillery in Speyside region of Scotland on 20th December 1994, matured more than 23 years in Bourbon Barrel (typical 200 liters cask made from Heaven Hill’s Distilleries in the United States), Un-chillfiltered bottled at its natural strength in August 2017 in Scotland without any blending and any amendments.

My Single Malt Scotch Whisky produced with malted barley by Coffey Still.
Mainly matured in the Braeval distillery cellar, it was bottled at its natural strength naturally decreased to 55.4 alc./vol.

This M.F.M. single cask single malt scotch whisky is very rare and on a limited edition of 304 bottles produced only!23 Y.O. Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the witness of what the maturity gives to its length and complexity within subtlety and freshness, not to be missed… for those who can wait during the tasting as it will reveal the best of Speyside…


Appearance – Gold amber reflects.
Nose – Warm oak with a hint of spice carried with toffee and vanilla.
Palate – Smooth, Sweet, and indulgent chocolate notes with a hint of Tarte Tatin.
Finish – Ginger Bread, dried fruit, licorice with intense complexity and a long aftertaste.


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