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Clearance Sales: USA Charbay Vodka – Meyer Lemon, 40%, 75cl

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Launched in 1998, Meyer Lemon was the first 100% fresh fruit flavored vodka in the US. Only made once a year, from organically grown, tree-ripened Meyer Lemons from Lemon Cove in CA. Within 24 hours of being picked they are delivered to our Distillery. For a true flavor of the fruit, the lemons are shredded, zest and all, then put through a 68-day extraction process. What you taste is 100% real, freshly picked Meyer Lemon – as if you are biting into the whole fruit!

“…an excellent example of what lemon-infused vodka should be”. –

Perfect on the rocks, straight up on mixed into your favorite cocktail, this vodka is smooth, delicious and has real, clean fruit flavors.

What you taste are 100% real Meyer Lemons – not essences or so-called “natural flavoring.” Meyer Lemons are thought to have originated in China and were introduced in the U.S. in 1908. They are believed to be a cross between a standard lemon and a mandarin orange .Serving Suggestions: On the rocks, with a splash of soda or as CHARBAY Meyer Lemon Drop.



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