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Home Product Clearance Sales: USA Charbay Green Tea Aperitif, 21%, 75cl

Clearance Sales: USA Charbay Green Tea Aperitif, 21%, 75cl

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MADE IN THE USA. Created in 2004, Green Tea Vodka was the first of its kind in the vodka market. In spring, 4 varieties of rare, first growth, whole-leaf green teas are picked in Anhwei Province, China and delivered to our Distillery. We dry them lightly, then dedicate 120 days to extracting the true flavor from the leaves. What you’ll taste is pure green tea.

90-95 Points: Superb / Highly Recommended – Wine Enthusiast

“The aroma is identical to that of freshly brewed tea with grassy and lightly floral notes and just a hint of sweetness, like green tea with honey, making it perfect for summer refreshers”. – Imbibe Magazine

Green Tea Aperitif, which is a delicious blend of wine, green tea, and brandy. It has a subtle sweetness to it and a light but somehow rich and deep green tea flavor. The result is an aperitif which is great just served over ice.


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