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1988 Glenrothes Malt B2019 31 YO Patchouli And Sandalwood Oil (Wemyss Vintage Malts)

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Colour – Rusty copper.

Nose – Over 31 years of Sherry Butt maturation has developed the complex and deep flavours of cherry, currants and ginger cake. Earthy and antique aromas develop over several minutes in the glass like a patchouli and sandalwood oil.

Palate – There are layers of complex flavours that shift, develop and evolve with every new taste. Orange oil, stewed red berry fruits, sweetened rye bread, caraway, heather and rich wood influences. Give this whisky plenty of time!

Finish – The finish is long and lingering with dark fruits and cigar like tannin.


Wemyss Malts is a family-owned business based in Edinburgh and markets three blended malts, namely Spice King, Peat Chimney and The Hive. From the outset, the company has used character descriptors as names for its bottlings.

Alongside the blended malts is a regularly-changing range of vintage single cask expressions, each bearing the name of the distillery from which the whisky was sourced, along with a descriptor such as Fresh Fruit Sorbet or Wild Berry Spice.

Bottled: Wemyss
Distillery: Glenrothes
Series / Description: Patchouli and Sandalwood Oil Single Cask
Vintage: 1988
Year Bottled: 2020
Age: 31 year old
Alcohol ABV: 46 %
Cask Wood Type: Sherry


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