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    $ 450.00

    1998 Auchentoshan 17 years by IB SPIRITS SHOP SELECTION 東方命 Dong Fang Ming: with Box

    distilled 1998

    bottled 2015

    334 bottled

    Sherry Cask

    70cl 50.7%


    With friends all over the world, Eric Huang’s company, Spirits Shop’ Selection, sources, bottles, and distributes premium spirits from all over the world. Spirits Shop’s Selection is founded by Eric Huang, one of the foremost whisky experts in Asia. Eric is the only Asian judge of WWA (World Whisky Award), and is also the chairman of the Taiwan and Hong Kong Single Malt Whisky Association (SMWS).

    These limited release series is a product of art in terms of taste and presentation. Special artworks by renowned artists are used to adorn each bottle as an expression of its unique taste and character. The labels are of Japanese art individually selected by Eric for each bottling.

    Each individual cask is selected by Eric from the Distillers, and bottled as “Spirits Shop Selection” with limited quantities for sale to either friends or close customers. Some of the rare bottlings that are hard to find can currently be found only through auctions.

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    $ 164.00

    2006 Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask, Craigellachie, 11 Years, Speyside, (Sherry Cask), 50% 70cl

    Old Malt Cask is unashamedly for connoisseurs of the finest expressions of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. As one of the most established brands in the single cask market, Old Malt Cask is trusted by thousands of Malt Whisky consumers all around the world as the selection which bottles some of the most noteworthy Scotches in the market.

    Each month, the Hunter Laing tasting panel reviews the company stocks and, after careful consideration, selects only the casks which are of the highest quality. Whether the whisky was distilled in Speyside or Islay, the Lowlands or the Islands, they all have one thing in common – they have been bottled at exactly the right time to capture the unique characteristics of the cask.

    Invariably bottled at 50% strength to maintain drinkability, each new expression is non-chillfiltered to ensure that the personality of each cask remains. Our expert blender also writes notes to guide the consumer through the tasting experience. We don’t have to do much with the whisky – we let it speak for itself.



    An indie bottling of 11 year old single malt from the Craigellachie distillery, drawn from a refill butt that was filled in May 2006 and bottled in April 2018. Following maturation, it was bottled for the Old Malt Cask range by Hunter Laing, producing 717 bottles

    Nose: Lemon peel, fried banana, soft sawdust and a touch of brown sugar.

    Palate: Cadbury Flake, coffee bean, a touch of honey-dipped apple, barley.

    Finish: Orange oil, more chocolate, mineral-y dryness.

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    $ 150.00

    Seven Seals Sherry Wood Finish, Single Malt Whisky, 46% 700ml

    (By Langatun)

    The Seven Seals Sherry Wood Finish Single Malt Whisky tastes like a stroll through a Christmas market, with lively aromas of toffee, gingerbread, roasted almonds, candy and festive spices. The different flavours meld harmoniously on the palate and develop a long, lingering note of toffee and nuts, with a hint of orange in the finish.