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    2004 Balmenach 13 Years (IB: Hunter Laing) Old Malt Cask, Speyside, 50%, 70cl

    A 13 year old single malt from Balmenach, a distillery that you don’t see an awful lot of single malt from, as much of it goes into blends. However, indie bottlers like the Hunter Laing chaps do sometimes get their hands on casks of their single malt for us to enjoy! This is a 14 year old expression, matured in a refill hogshead. A release of 264 bottles.

    Distilled 2004 August
    Bottled May 2018

    Nose: Rather biscuit-y (think Custard Creams and Hobnobs), with tinned peaches and dried apricots developing.

    Palate: More vanilla-rich custard notes. Quite nutty, too.

    Finish: Orange pith, almonds and the last hint of vanilla bean.

    Overall: A creamy single malt from a distillery we don’t hear enough from.

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    $ 158.00

    2004 Fettercairn 13 Years (IB: Hunter Laing) Old Malt Cask, , Highlands, 50% 70cl

    Old Malt Cask is unashamedly for connoisseurs of the finest expressions of Single Malt Scotch Whisky. As one of the most established brands in the single cask market, Old Malt Cask is trusted by thousands of Malt Whisky consumers all around the world as the selection which bottles some of the most noteworthy Scotches in the market.

    Each month, the Hunter Laing tasting panel reviews the company stocks and, after careful consideration, selects only the casks which are of the highest quality. Whether the whisky was distilled in Speyside or Islay, the Lowlands or the Islands, they all have one thing in common – they have been bottled at exactly the right time to capture the unique characteristics of the cask.

    Invariably bottled at 50% strength to maintain drinkability, each new expression is non-chillfiltered to ensure that the personality of each cask remains. Our expert blender also writes notes to guide the consumer through the tasting experience. We don’t have to do much with the whisky – we let it speak for itself.

    Old Malt Cask has spent fifteen years as one of the market leaders in the single cask category. As the reputation of Hunter Laing rests on the quality of each release, we aim to ensure that each new bottling delights the consumer as much as the last one.

    2004 vintage Fettercairn single malt, which spent a leisurely 13 years in a single refill hogshead. In 2018 this Highlander was awoken from its slumber, when it was bottled by Hunter Laing for the Old Malt Cask series. A limited outturn of 341 bottles.

    Nose: Nectarine, toasted nuts, malt, salted butter, pepper spice, apple wood and subtle aromas of cured meat.

    Palate: Herbal and tangy, clove, vanilla custard and a hefty helping of cinnamon alongside some rubbery notes, with caramel and black coffee with a spoonful of sugar.

    Finish: Toffee, milk chocolate, prune and date sweetness with a touch of pine.

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    2004 Hunter Laing, The First Editions, Fettercairn, 13 Years, Highlands, 59.7% 70cl

    The First Editions range of single barrel expressions is always released at natural cask strength, and of course without colouring or chill filtration.

    As the name may suggest, each cask is carefully selected to evoke the qualities of a rare literary volume – those of character and collectability. Colour-coding on the labels denotes the particular regions the whiskies themselves are from and each bottle is individually numbered and presented in a gift tube. A “First Editions” bottling without doubt makes a valuable addition to anyone’s whisky library.


    A bottle of Fettercairn single malt, distilled in 2004 and bottled at 59.7% in 2018 by Hunter Laing for the First Editions series. The Highlander spent 13 years maturing in a refill butt. As always with First Editions bottlings, the whisky was bottled at cask strength, and without colouring or chill filtration.

    Nose: Fresh grassy notes alongside tart, crisp apple, honeyed malt and toasted wood with a little dried fruit.

    Palate: Creamy vanilla and more malt, with a kick of pepper spice followed by fresh fruit and citrus.

    Finish: Warming spice on a medium finish.

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    C.A.C.S.A. 13 Year Old 2004 Venezuelan Rum – Kill Devil (by Hunter Laing) 46%, 70cl

    Single cask rum from the C.A.C.S.A distillery in Venezuela, distilled in March 2004 and aged for 13 years. It was independently bottled at 46% by Hunter Laing for the Kill Devil range.

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    Diamond Distillery 12 Year Old 2004 Guyanese Rum – Kill Devil (by Hunter Laing) 63.1%, 70cl


    While a lot of the rum from Hunter Laing’s Kill Devil independent bottling range are presented at 46%, some of them are bottled at full-on cask strength – like this intense 12 year old rum from Guyana’s Diamond distillery! This was distilled in 2004 and matured for a dozen years in a single cask until it was bottled with an small out turn of just 246 bottles.